Review the top CSWE accredited MSW programs online, including different types of social work degrees (1 year MSW programs, MSW programs with no GRE requirements, and Advanced Standing MSW programs, among others). View all MSW program types here. The Online MSW Degrees.org guide is SOLELY dedicated to MSW programs that are at least offered partially online, and many are offered 100% online.


MSW programs were developed in an effort to help students gain knowledge of the social environment and the people within. There are many fields that focus on individuals directly or improvement of society, but this is the only field that blends both entities. The advancement of man and the environment relies on the utilization of public services, advocacy, and support. This is exactly with MSW programs help to promote within their students.

The Proliferation of the Online MSW

In response to the high popularity of these degree programs, universities across the country are offering MSW programs online, in addition to the traditional on-campus format. Colleges are also offering unique MSW programs that help more students enter an accredited program, including: MSW programs with no GRE requirements, Online programs are becoming a powerhouse for students seeking this degree program, due to the flexible nature of instruction and time-frames. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE, cswe.org) currently accredits 69 online MSW programs in the U.S., and is continuing to accept applications from accreditation from universities seeking accreditation.

ADPrograms That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

Fordham University – Online MSW

Top-ranked school of social work prepares students for relevant, integrated practice with all populations.

University of Denver – Online MSW

The University of Denver’s online Master of Social Work | GRE scores are not required to apply.

Regis College – Online MSW

Traditional Track and Advanced Standing Track available. No GRE required.

Case Western Reserve University – Online Master of Science in Social Administration

Online Master of Science in Social Administration. No GRE required. CSWE-accredited.

Why Consider Working in Social Work?

The world that you live in contains many different professional areas for people that love helping others. One field that is popular for students with altruistic ideations is Social Work. This incredible field plays a role in the betterment of society from an inside perspective. In order to increase the quality of life for people within a community or neighborhood, Social Work professionals must be able to increase the positive interactions between people and their environment.

One of the most applied for MSW programs focuses on Child and Family Social Work. This field currently employs 298,840 professionals all over the country (BLS). Other specialty fields such as Mental Health Social Work and Healthcare Social Workers are also among some of the top employers for professionals in this field.

As mentioned, Online MSW programs are becoming an excellent option for current social workers, or those looking to advance to an LCSW, due to the flexibility of online degrees.

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